[2013.12.11] JEJEJEJET!!

Release Date: 2013/12/11
1. Ignition
2. BABY JUMP~天国への搭乗便~
4. サクラ小町
5. おねがい
7. 気分はサイコー!サイコー!サイコー!
8. 妄想のハワイ
9. Shang Shang シャンデリア
10. キャンディー・ルーム(テレビ東京
11. くちゃLOVE
12. Truly
13. MASK
14. Wish on a star
15. Growing Up (Album ver.)
16. 「I」

First Class Edition – CD + DVD
Price: ¥3,890
Order: CLICK ME!
– Special footage that was used in the teasers from the Growing Up single
– Live footage of PASSPO☆ at Onna no ko Zukan at SHIBUYA-AX 2013/04/30
– Event ticket A

Economy Class Edition – CD
Price: ¥3,059
Order: CLICK ME!
– Event ticket B
– A Christmas card the size of the CD cover (Limited first press only!)

Universal Music Store – CD
Price: ¥5,500


3 thoughts on “[2013.12.11] JEJEJEJET!!

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  2. The First Class edition cover looks the best in my point of view but I like both covers!!
    Why is the universial edition so excpensive?

    • The Universal Music versions are always more expensive because they act as tickets to special shows held by PASSPO, and they are only sold via the Universal Music Japan store.

      I like the First Class version’s cover more than the Economy Class one too!

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