[2013.05.22] Sayounara ぱすぽ☆ Konnichiwa PASSPO☆ DVD

PASSPO☆ will release a DVD of their final flight (concert) from 2012 held in Shibuya Public Hall! This concert marked the end of the group under the name of ぱすぽ☆ as they began 2013 with their new name of PASSPO☆.

The concert DVD will be released on the same day as their 8th single STEP&GO / キャンディー・ルーム as well as being the group’s 4th concert release after their Festival DVDs released earlier this year.

Title: 渋谷公会堂フライトDVD~さようなら ぱすぽ☆ こんにちは PASSPO☆
Release Date: 2013/05/22
Price: ¥3,980
Order: CLICK ME!

-Opening SE-
1. LA LA LOVE TRAIN~恋の片道切符~
2. 少女飛行
3. ViVI夏
4. Hello
5. Street Fighter
6. キス=スキ
7. ピンクのパラシュート
8. With XXX
9. Pretty Lie
10. Go On A Highway
11. じゃあね…
12. 君色のサンバ (first performance of this song)
13. WING *live band version*
14. ウハエ! *live band version*
15. Next Flight *live band version*
16. サクラ小町 *live band version* (first performance of this song)
17. Tap My Toe *live band version*
18. ダムダムフリーダム *live band version*
19. 2DAYS *live band version*
20. バスタブ *live band version*
21. Love Diary *live band version*
22. BREAK OUT!! *live band version*
23. 夏空HANABI *live band version*
24. マテリアルGirl *live band version*
-VTR- (announcing the group will change their name from ぱすぽ☆ to PASSPO☆)
25. No.1 Boy (first performance of this song)
26. WANTED *live band version*
27. Dear My Friends *live band version*


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