5 PASSPO Candidates form ‘palet’!

On May 1st a new group under Platinum Passport was announced!

The group has been named ‘palet’ and there are 5 members. All girls were once candidates considered to join PASSPO.

The members are (from oldest to youngest):
Yui Fujimoto | Miyuki Hiraguchi | Saki Takeda
Hikaru Otsuka | Mizuki Kimoto

palet will start activities in June.


3 thoughts on “5 PASSPO Candidates form ‘palet’!

  1. Hmmm, any other news source on this one ? Because on Twitter, Mikki, Hiichan, Miyucho, Yuichi and Kimoto do put palet in their IDs, Sakimo doesn’t put palet on her ID but she did talk about their first unveiling or something. So now I’m not sure what their lineup is… Anyone mind confirming on this matter ? Thanks ! :)

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