PASSPO Gacha Badges

These limited badges were only sold at an event from March 25th ~ March 31st.

These photos are from Yahoo! Japan Auctions seller aveb2005:


4 thoughts on “PASSPO Gacha Badges

  1. Those are awesome!

    That’s interesting that they made them for the cadets also. Have you been following what they’ve been up to? Are they still part of the agency? I used to read Misa’s blog, but she either stopped or just isn’t blogging as much anymore.

    • I’m pretty sure all the cadets are still signed to the agency but I have noticed Misa has stopped posting after the March 31st concert. It’s really strange. :( The other cadets are still blogging though so I’m guessing they’re all still signed. I’m just not certain about Misa..

      • Aww, I guess Misa is still sad.

        This isn’t button-related… but what if… *what if*… “Next Flights” b-side is the “Paipon” song! Like a 7 minute version! And Naomin finally get’s to rap in an official song (ViVi Natsu doesn’t count).

        I think your prediction was “Pock Star”. Whoever wins will get some sort of prize.

        • The prize will be Misa! LOL kidding. I just think it’s ‘Pock Star’ since they performed it around 2 weeks ago (I think it was) and it’s their only new song I know of.

          I know the other candidates (minus Misa since she’s been awfully quiet nowadays) have been working shifts at the Noodol place as well as continuing on with school. I wish Platinum/UMJ will debut them as a new group. :(

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