[2012.06.13] Next Flight

Next Flight
GUITAR: Robin Fink from Guns N’ Roses & Nine Inch Nails
DRUMS: Josh Freese of A Perfect Circle, The Vandals, Devo and played for Guns N’ Roses & Nine Inch Nails
BASS: Chris Chaney has played with Slash, Jane’s Addiction, Alanis Morissette and more

バスタブ (Bathtub)
BASS: Eric Brittingham of Cinderella
DRUMS: Fred Coury of Cinderella

Title: Next Flight
Release Date: 2012/06/13
1. Next Flight Lyrics!
2. バスタブ (Bathtub) Lyrics!
3. Next Flight (Instrumental)
4. バスタブ (Instrumental)

UPCH-9576 – Limited Edition A – First Class (CD + DVD)
Price: ¥1,680 / USD$19
Pre-Order: CDJapan | YesAsia
* Passport admission for the 1st show at PASSPO’s Festival concert on July 8th
* ‘Next Flight’ PV

UPCH-9577 – Limited Edition B – Business Class (CD + DVD)
Price: ¥1,680 / USD$19
Pre-Order: CDJapan | YesAsia
* Passport admission for the 2nd show at PASSPO’s Festival concert on July 8th
* ‘バスタブ (Bathtub)’ PV

UPCH-5750 – Regular Edition – Economy Class (CD Only)
Price: ¥1,000 / USD$11
Pre-Order: CDJapan | YesAsia
* Limited first press photo of a kiss mark (chosen at random)

The Universal Music store has a limited version that comes in 9 editions for each member (titled “inside a plane service”). The cover photo is for this version only. The cover photo is the same for all 9 versions, each version just has a handshake ticket for the specific member. The handshake event takes play on July 1.Price: ¥1,000
1. Next Flight
3. Next Flight (Instrumental)
4. POCK☆STAR (Instrumental)
Additional Information:
ぱすぽ☆ / 『Next Flight』 ~1対1で握手しちゃっていいんでsky~クルー(メンバー)個別握手会参加券付きCD
PDCJ-1952 機内サービス盤・奥仲真琴Ver (Inside plane service / Makoto ver.)
PDCJ-1953 機内サービス盤・増井みおVer (Inside plane service / Mio ver.)
PDCJ-1954 機内サービス盤・根岸愛Ver (Inside plane service / Ai ver.)
PDCJ-1955 機内サービス盤・槙田紗子Ver (Inside plane service / Sako ver.)
PDCJ-1956 機内サービス盤・森詩織Ver (Inside plane service / Shiori ver.)
PDCJ-1957 機内サービス盤・玉井杏奈Ver (Inside plane service / Anna ver.)
PDCJ-1958 機内サービス盤・安斉奈緒美Ver (Inside plane service / Naomi ver.)
PDCJ-1959 機内サービス盤・藤本有紀美Ver (Inside plane service / Yukimi ver.)
PDCJ-1960 機内サービス盤・岩村捺未Ver (Inside plane service / Natsumi ver.)

The Universal Music store has another 6 limited versions. They have tickets to a set of shows PASSPO will do on July 14 (Tokyo), 15 (Osaka) and 16 (Gifu) – 2 shows per day. The cover photo is the same for all 6 versions.Price: ¥2,500
1. Next Flight
Additional Information:
ぱすぽ☆ / 『Next Flight』~CD買ったらフライトにいけちゃうんでsky~特別チャーター便ライブチケット付きCD
PDCJ-1940 【東京1部】7月14日(土) OPEN/15:30 START/16:00 (Tokyo 1st show)
PDCJ-1944 【東京2部】7月14日(土) OPEN/18:30 START/19:00 (Tokyo 2nd show)
PDCJ-1945 【大阪1部】7月15日(日) OPEN/12:30 START/13:00 (Osaka 1st show)
PDCJ-1946 【大阪2部】7月15日(日) OPEN/15:30 START/16:00 (Osaka 2nd show)
PDCJ-1947 【東海1部】7月16日(月) OPEN/12:30 START/13:00 (Gifu 1st show)
PDCJ-1948 【東海2部】7月16日(月) OPEN/15:30 START/16:00 (Gifu 2nd show)


* The theme of the single is ‘PASSPO meets LA METAL’.
* The motif is ‘cabin attendants’; combined with LA metal this single will be ‘CA metal’ (cabin metal).
* An influential musician that everybody knows from a famous LA metal band will be recording for the single.
* PASSPO flew out of Japan to USA on April 23 (Japan time) to film their PV in LA.

Brendan Buckley is currently known for being the drummer in popstar Shakira’s band.

Grecco is a guitarist who has played for Shakira.
ネタバレ! SPOILER!

‘Next Flight’
Lyrics: ペンネとアラビアータ / Penne and Arrabiata
Composers: Anders Wikström, Peter Månsson, Mats Levén
Arranger: Cobra Endo

‘バスタブ (Bathtub)’
Lyrics: ペンネとアラビアータ / Penne and Arrabiata
Composer: Anders Wikström
Arranger: Cobra Endo


20 thoughts on “[2012.06.13] Next Flight

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  3. Wow, the preview clip was great!! But I have a crazy feeling the rest of the song will be Naomin rapping! And m&m’s parachuting onto the Hollywood sign.

    That’s my official prediction.

    Speaking of predictions, when I saw “Bathtub” as the b-side I thought that meant we were both wrong about our guesses. And that made me really happy (because your predictions are never wrong)! But it turns out you were right about POCK STAR. So I guess that means you win a prize. I actually have something in mind… but let’s ignore that for now :)

    Back to the PV, it looks like they probably got really dusty because of the sand. I wish I could have been Shiori’s official duster. It would be kinda like at Wimbledon and the kids who have to retrieve the tennis balls. Instead I would have to run over to Shiori whenever she got sand on her outfit and quickly dust her off. (And feed her a hamburger if she was hungry). And then scamper back to my post.

    Sorry my comments on your blog are so lame. Still can’t delete them though!

    • The preview clip was everything I imagined except for one thing: I thought the girls would do some ‘growl’-type vocals since this was described as a metal tune. LOL at me. (That would have been hilarious!) M&M’s should have definitely parachuted down onto the Hollywood sign. That would have made one excellent opening to a music video. :D

      Hey, your predictions are great! I like them so much more than mine. I was actually embarrassed when the initial tracklist came out and POCK STAR wasn’t on it so I deleted that little prediction of mine. /lame

      Ohh a prize? Exciting! :D *super curious*

      I remember you telling me that the girls came at a bad time to Los Angeles to film since the weather wasn’t good so the dust flying everywhere probably wasn’t an effect for the PV but from the bad windy? Poor girls lol D: Dancing with dust flying everywhere. :( I really like the dance from what we were shown. The ballet-like moves as well as that part with Mio where they’re walking forwards with their arms crossed and legs taking big steps, it looks pretty cool.

      I found it weird that the musicians they hired to be in the PV are not the same musicians they got to record for the single.. Not really complaining though since Brendan Buckley in the PV is sorta cute, LOL.

      If you are giong to be Morishi’s official duster, then I’ll be Yucky’s! Except she’s taller than me so I’d have to stand on a stool or something. I found this blog entry of hers from yesterday super cute: http://ameblo.jp/mdpgtap/entry-11256470752.html Her family gathered at a rooftop to watch the eclipse and they all (well, except her mum from what it seems) wore blue t-shirts for Yucky as well as hung a big banner up for her. Cute family! It looks like her brother has the exact jawline shape as hers. Strong genes? :P

      Your comments aren’t lame! :P Mine are, I make them too long. D:

  4. The “growl” vocals could still happen… it’s a ten minute song :)

    The drummer is kind of good looking, I noticed that immediately lol. But enough about him! I’m starting to think Brendan is your second favorite PASSPO member! Actually, I am kind of curious who your second favorite is. It’s a huge mystery to me.

    About the prize… it might take a while, but I think it’ll be cool :) … Ok, I’ll just tell you.. it’s SUPER GiRLS cookies! Twelve boxes of them!! Every month you’ll receive a new box :) jk … it’ll be a Yukki-themed prize.

    You can tell she has a nice family (total opposite of Morishi’s family!). Hmmm… that banner would make a pretty cool prize…

    • Imagining the M&M’s growling and laughing right now. That would be way too cute! :P

      Haha, so you find him good looking too! I honestly cannot tell you who my second favourite is since I adore all the girls (including Kaho, their dance teacher, predia, palet.. ahh!). I guess I could say Morishi or Annya since they’re the closest with Yucky, but that would be a silly reason. It’s too hard to choose.. :(

      I thought you were really serious about the cookies and I got all excited because I love cookies, LOL. You should buy a bunch of SUPER GiRLS cookie boxes and stack them around your room. Make a cookie shrine to Reira. In fact, arrange all the boxes against your wall to the outline of her head. That’s not creepy at all, right? :D

      Morishi’s family sounds all sporty and competitive and Yucky’s one sounds weird, at least she and her brother are. I wonder if their little sister will grow up to be a little strange too, but in a good way. Yesterday she blogged about how her brother sleeps with a towel over his head and snores lol. I should get with him and marry into the family just so I could be close to her. LOL I’m kidding, that would be the craziest thing a fan could do. D:

      Are you interested in palet at all, since Misa isn’t part of the group? I think their June 9th official debut show will be a free live too so that’s pretty cool. I hope it gets uploaded onto youtube from a staff member or it gets live streamed.

      Ohh that reminds me, on Sunday predia were live on ustream part of a show. I wanted to tell you but I wasn’t sure how long they’d be on for (since there were other artists performing too) and I didn’t know if I’d PM you on jphip if you’d still be awake for it. D: Sorry :(

      • *adds SUPER GiRLS cookies to grocery list*

        I’ll be a Palet fan if you become a SUPER GIRLS fan :)

        I still remember writing off predia and Fudanjuku for a long time, so I’ll definitely give Palet a chance. I am being cranky about the whole Misa thing, lol. I just don’t want her to wait until she’s 60 to become an idol.

        Morishi’s family is very competitive. Her parents still get really upset when she loses “cuteness” battles to Makoto.

        And it’s ok you didn’t PM me about the predia thing, I understand :) *crosses SUPER GiRLS cookies off grocery list* *cancels Yukki-Prize Package* jk

        Was the predia stream related to the TV appearence they had on the 20th? I was really surprised when I saw their Hey Boy performance on youtube. Predia on TV is pretty much as rare as a solar eclipse.

        • predia’s TV appearance was on the same day as the streamed show. They did perform quite a couple of songs so now I feel really bad for not PMing you.. :( It was streaming from http://www.ustream.tv/channel/2-5d1 I’m really hoping a fan recorded their performances and will upload them. While watching, I was amazed by how Akane and Rumina never seemed to run out of breath as they kept dancing in high heels and singing songs right after another. *admires* They need to get on TV more often, they really are great performers. :D

          I have been meaning to give SUPER GiRLS for years but never did for some reason. Definitely will now! :P It really is strange how Misa didn’t get into Palet since she was a really popular candidate (probably the most) so it doesn’t make sense.. She did say that her mother didn’t let her audition for Hello!Project earlier this year (which made me wonder how she was okay with Misa signing to Platinum) so maybe her mother objected to an offer to join Palet? It would be a real shame if she lays low for a bit since that girl is super adorable.

          Aww that’s mean. *kidding* You should keep all the cookies to yourself and make that shrine, take photos and send them to Reira. I think she’d be touched that a fan overseas built a cookie shrine to her. If I was an Idol, I know I would be. :P

          Fudanjuku are so cool. I wish I could be as cool as them when dressing up as a dude but nope. :(

          Speaking of solar eclipses..

          There should be an easier way for us to communicate without waiting hours/days in between, but then again, I’d probably be writing way too much and bore you lol

        • OMG.. Takenaka Sensei just blogged that Yucky is the leading actress in the ‘Bathtub’ PV. T____T <333
          Apparently she's a mermaid there are scenes where she's in a bathtub as well as dancing along on her tail lol
          Yucky was really excited and told her, "This is Yucky's song!!!! *breathes heavily with excitement*"

          I knew I should have ordered this too, I already pre-ordered the regular and Limited A. Looks like I'll be getting all 3… LOL and I'm not even going to Japan to use the passport admission tickets. D:

          *cries from sadness and happiness because Yucky is finally the lead and I'm a sucker for PASSPO*

          • Awesome! I wonder if she helped develop the concept for the video. I remember from the bio at snsdlyrics that she likes the Little Mermaid and the movie Aquamarine (I watched Aquamarine because of that bio, lol). And that she just likes mermaids in general, so maybe it was her idea? It’s about time she got some spotlight. Since Mako-T is always making fun of Yukki, when she found out she was probably like “No, I want to be the mermaid!!” and everyone else had to convince her that it was Yukki’s turn :)

            About SUPER GiRLS… they are pretty polarizing, so I would feel guilty to ask you to be a fan, especially since they kind of rip off some aspects of PASSPO. I was probably going to be a fan of Palet anyway, so the trade I proposed wasn’t even fair, lol.

            • Did you seriously watch Aquamarine because of her? If you did, I love you. LOL. That is the cutest thing ever! I haven’t seen that movie so.. Is it good? :P

              Yucky loves mermaids so I bet she pitched the idea and they thought, “Why not? I’m sure at least 1 fan in a far away country will love it as much as you, Yukimi.” -if only they knew-

              SUPER GiRLS sorta rips off PASSPO? Why do you say that? D:

  5. Yup, I watched it (netflix :) ) I actually liked JoJo back when I was in high school and I remember when the movie came out in the theater thinking I wanted to see it but my friends would think I’m weird. I think I was in my second year of college at the time, so they would have been right, lol. My friends made fun of me for liking Christina Aguilera too. Oh well.

    Do you remember the Mecha Idol Special… when PASSPO called SG their “rivals”? Aipon accused SG of ripping off “Everybody Makes an Idol”. I think they were kidding, but it was kind of awkward because the concepts are only similar in a really superficial way. But SG does have a lot of similarities with Idoling and AKB.

    • I liked JoJo too. I remember when she debuted and I was a little annoyed because that was the same nickname my friends called me at the time, lol. *lame* I liked Christina Aguilera a lot back then. Her ‘Stripped’ era was and still is my favourite! I was 11 when it came out so it’s funny thinking how much I loved her songs like ‘Dirrty’ lol and dancing to it without realizing how dirty that song was.. D:

      I remember that! I thought that was a fun episode and wish it was longer. I thought Aipon only meant the star in both their names. It was funny when girls from other groups were accusing each other for other things. It’s great seeing different idol groups compete against each other. :P

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