How to vote for a PASSPO candidate?

The voting deadline is March 18 11:59pm (JST). If you bought a copy of 君は僕を好きになる then you are eligible to vote.

These are the candidates.

Log-in to the website. If you haven’t got an account then this is how you sign-up:

1. Send a blank email to:
2. Check your inbox and you should have received an email immediately, click the link.
3. Fill in the details. Guide:
◆氏名(姓) / Surname
◆氏名(名) / First Name
◆性別 / Gender → 男 = Male / 女 = Female
◆生年月日 / Date of Birth
◆都道府県 / If you do not live in Japan then leave this as it is.
◆ニックネーム / Nickname
◆ユーザーID / User ID → This should show your email address. It is your log-in ID.
◆パスワード / Password
◆以下から貴方の好きなぱすぽ☆のアバターを選択してね。 / Choose your favourite PASSPO member.
→ 根岸愛 / Ai Negishi
→ 岩村捺未 / Natsumi Iwamura
→ 奥仲麻琴 / Makoto Okunaka
→ 増井みお / Mio Masui
→ 槙田紗子 / Sako Makita
→ 玉井杏奈 / Anna Tamai
→ 安斉奈緒美 / Naomi Anzai
→ 森詩織 / Shiori Mori
→ 藤本有紀美 / Yukimi Fujimoto
→ 佐久間夏帆 / Kaho Sakuma

You’re done! After that, you need to log-in at by clicking the blue button.


Voting time! Make sure you’re logged in and on the home page.

1. Click: ぱすぽ☆新クルー選挙
* Now you should be on a new page with some pink links at the bottom.
* 候補者プロフィール Let’s you see the girls’ profiles. Click here for my translation of their profiles (with photos).
* 投票へ Let’s you continue on to the voting page. Click this.
2. シリアルコードを入力してください。 You need to enter your serial code. Inside your 君は僕を好きになる CD you should find a piece of paper. Look at the photo to find where the serial code is. Enter your serial code and click the button.

3. You are on the voting page. If you want to see what the candidates look like, click here. To vote for your favourite, click their name. Guide:
→ 大塚光(おおつか ひかる) / Hikaru Otsuka
→ 君島光輝(きみじま みつき) / Mitsuki Kimijima
→ 木元みずき(きもと みずき) / Mizuki Kimoto
→ 西園寺 未彩(さいおんじ みさ) / Misa Saionji
→ 武田紗季(たけだ さき) / Saki Takeda
→ 長島美月(ながしま みづき) / Mitdzuki Nagashima
→ 平口みゆき(ひらぐち みゆき) / Miyuki Hiraguchi
→ 藤本結衣(ふじもと ゆい) / Yui Fujimoto
4. After you have decided and clicked on a girl’s name, you will be taken to a new page. If you are happy with your decision, click 確認する. If you want to change your mind (last chance!) then click 投票クルー選択画面へ to go back and vote.
5. 投票ありがとうございます。 You are finished!


3 thoughts on “How to vote for a PASSPO candidate?

  1. Just voted! The guide was perfect, thank you! (kind of reminded me of the AKB ticket center registration). I didn’t realize the voting would only be for one week, so I was going to procrastinate until some time before 3/30. It would be cool if a lot of over-seas fans voted.

  2. I voted when I got the single in the mail a few days ago, was pretty straight-forward and easy to figure out with google translate. I just wish we had a bit more information to go on than a video with the members talking for about 1-2 minutes each about themselves and a short profile.

    • I based my vote on the concert footage at the passpostaff youtube channel. The performances revealed a lot about their personalities and talent.

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