[2012.01.18] Cheerfu11y DVD

CLICK HERE for more information on this movie!

Title: Cheerfu11y
Release Date: 2012.01.18
Price: ¥3,990 / US$48 on CD Japan
Length: Approximately 89 minutes
Region Code: I think region free
Subtitles?: No
Bonus Features: Movie trailer
Order: HMV Japan | CD Japan

* PASSPO – Anzai Naomi
* PASSPO – Sakuma Kaho
* PASSPO – Mori Shiori
* PASSPO – Tamai Anna
* Kikkawa Yuu
* Hayami Akari (ex-Momoiro Clover)
* Canary Club – Niwa Mikiho
* THE Possible – Akiyama Yurika
* THE Possible – Goto Yuki
* Up Up Girls – Mori Saki
* Up Up Girls – Furukawa Konatsu
CLICK HERE for details on their roles!


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